Tru-Pine - Jenkin

The Tru-Pine range of versatile exterior timber products is widely used by builders throughout New Zealand and Australia. The products combine strength and durability, with the enduring character and beauty of timber.
Tru-Pine is used for structural timber, and timber cladding. It is also widely used in exterior structures such as pergolas, decks, verandas, porches and balconies. The range includes laminated beams and posts, fascia boards, timber mouldings, and weatherboards. A complementary range of hand railings, stair railings and balustrades is available.
Tru-Pine is manufactured from radiata pine from New Zealand plantation forests, finger-jointed for defect-free strength and straightness, pressure-treated to withstand termites, borer and rot, and delivered pre-primed. Tru-Pine is awarded with the PINENZ mark – the independently certified mark of quality for engineered pine products which meets Australasian manufacturing standards

Tru-Pine – FAQ’s

  • What is Jenkin Tru-Pine made from?

Jenkin Tru-Pine products are manufactured from radiata pine, an exceptionally versatile timber known for its exceptional machining properties, durability when treated, strength, stability and lightness. Paint coatings are easily applied and achieve a smooth visually appealing surface finish.


  • What is the source of the timber?

The radiata pine used in the manufacture of Tru-Pine products is sourced from New Zealand’s renewable plantation forests. This timber has Forest Stewardship Council Certification as it is sourced from forests which comply with set environmental, social and economic standards.


  • What is the treatment process used on Jenkin Tru-Pine?

Jenkin Tru-Pine is pressure treated with Light Organic Solvent Preservatives (LOSP).

Structural Grades are treated to H3 using Azole fungicides and permethrin termite control actives.


  • What adhesives are used in F7 structural and GL8 laminated products?

Resorcinol adhesive is used in finger jointing and lamination. This adhesive conforms to the AS5068 Service Class 3 operative standard for exterior above ground use exposed to weather.


  • What fixings should be used with Jenkin Tru-Pine?

To fasten Tru-Pine, hot-dipped galvanized, high tensile aluminum or stainless steel fasteners are recommended for general use in exterior applications. The active ingredients used in the timber treatment process are non–corrosive to nails and fastenings and are compatible with bright steel, although the use of bright steel fixings is not recommended.


  • Can I paint Jenkin Tru-Pine with dark colours?

We recommend Jenkin Tru-Pine is painted with colours that have a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 45 to 100, (100 being pure white). Colours with a LRV of 44 to 0 (0 being pure black) progressively generate extreme surface heat when exposed to direct sunlight. Over time this heat can cause resin bleed, shrinkage, distortion and cracking and will also reduce the service life of the paint coatings.

Tru-Pine guidelines

Storage and Handling

Timber is hygroscopic and will absorb moisture in a damp environment and release it in a dry environment. If timber absorbs moisture, some dimensional swelling will occur.

  • To avoid moisture damage, store your Tru-Pine product in a dry environment away from damp ground until use.


  • Jenkin Tru-Pine is a premium exterior treated timber for above ground use only. Ensure a timber clearance of 100mm above paved surfaces or 175mm above finished ground level is maintained.

Painting and Finishing

  • During the installation process all exposed unprimed surfaces resulting from cut ends, mitres, notching, boring, punched nail holes or similar should be sealed with a suitable acrylic or oil-based premium exterior timber primer.
  • Once the product is in place, it should be spot primed and putty applied to all nail holes.
  • Ensure primed surfaces are clean and free from contaminants such as dust, grease or mildew.
  • Apply a minimum of two full coats of premium acrylic exterior house paint to recommended film thickness. For a better finish and extended paint durability we recommend the application of one full coat of premium quality OIL BASED primer undercoat. Use colours that have a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 45 to 100 (100 being pure white). Colours with a LRV of 44 to 0 (0 being pure black) progressively generate extreme surface heat when exposed to direct sunlight and can cause resin bleed, shrinkage, distortion and cracking. It will also reduce the service life of the paint coatings.


Paint system longevity depends largely on the environment and quality of the original paint system. A quality paint system should last in excess of 10 years.

  • We recommend a gentle annual washing of Tru-Pine exteriors. Washing, especially under eaves and overhangs, helps remove marine salts and other contaminants that have a detrimental effect on the long term life of the coating and substrate.
  • When maintenance is required use premium primer and undercoats followed by the original topcoat.

Made to Standard

  • Please refer to the Building Code of Australia guidelines or your local building authority/council to ensure correct construction practices are followed Jenkin Tru-Pine meets Service Class 3/AS5068 standards for structural products.