TruChoice - Arauco

TruChoice solid pine and finger joint pine mouldings are the right choice for every building professional. TruChoice mouldings are precision-milled for consistent high quality and lasting visual appeal.

TruChoice products are made from sustainable, renewable, plantation-grown radiata pine, giving them working properties similar to Ponderosa Pine. TruChoice is easy to install and finish and delivers exceptional on-the-job performance.

TruChoice mouldings are manufactured by Arauco, Chile’s largest forest products company and world leader in sustainable forestry.

A vertically integrated company with a 40 year track record of growth and forest product innovation, Arauco produces a full spectrum of lumber, panels, pulp and paper goods for sale the world over. With 3 million acres of proprietary, sustainable plantation forests, Arauco has the resources needed for volume delivery year after year.

The largest owner of pruned pine logs in the world, and the largest producer of sawn timber in the Southern Hemisphere (1.5billion bf/year), Arauco has global sales of 2.85bil USD. The company maintains sales offices throughout the world including Sydney Australia.

The Environmental Choice

TruChoice moulding products are manufactured form pine that is grown in Arauco’s sustainably managed plantation forests. No illegally harvested, old growth or rainforest wood is ever used in the making of TruChoice mouldings.

All of Arauco’s forest operations in South America have been certified by QMI as being compliant with ISO 14001-2006 Environmental Management System standards. Furthermore, they are certified as compliant with CERTFOR sustainanble forest management standards – which are recognized by the international body PEFC.