Cypress Pine


Cypress Pine

Cypress Pine is commonly used for structures, poles, flooring, paneling, fencing and decking. It is a hard, heavy and fairly strong timber with a tendency to be slightly brittle. It is available in both rough sawn and DAR (Golden Heart) and can be worked to a very high polish.

Natural resins in the wood impart a distinctive odour to white cypress and are believed to contribute to the timber’s impressive natural durability. Heartwood is resistant to termites. Life expectancy for above ground applications is greater than 40 years and up to 25 years in-ground. Both the sapwood and the heartwood of this species resist impregnation with commercially available preservatives.

In terms of hardness, white cypress is a firm timber (rated 4 on a 6-class scale in relation to both indentation and hand tooling). It can be satisfactorily machined and turned to a smooth finish. Pre-drilling is recommended for hand nailing seasoned timber, although machine nailing with shear-point nails works well. White cypress readily accepts most standard coatings, stains and polishes. Special techniques, such as surface roughening, are required for gluing.

In its area of natural occurrence, white cypress is commonly used as sawn timber (usually unseasoned) in framework and other aspects of general building construction.