Treated Pine Sleepers give any landscaped area a classic finish with clean lines that define a professional touch to complete your outdoor space at a great price. Sleepers can be used in many different applications including, retaining walls; as either Posts or Whalers (horizontal timbers), to garden beds, vegetable gardens, garden dividers, and driveways.
All our Sleepers are suitable for general landscaping projects and are H4 preservative treated for above and in-ground use.

We stock a large range of sleepers from treated pine sleepers, hardwood sleepers and bevelled edge sleepers. The most common sizes are 150×50, 150×75, 150×100, 200×50, 200×75, 200×100.
Differentiate your outdoor project with a landscaping product that has a unique style. Decorative sleepers are a great option to showcase a stunning outdoor space. In commercial applications the decorative sleepers complement contemporary old style or cutting edge architecturally designed buildings where landscaping and garden beds are required.

125 x 50 H4 Sleeper 2.4lm/3.0lm
125 x 75 H4 Sleeper 2.4lm/3.0lm
150 x 50 H4 Sleeper 2.4lm/3.0lm
150 x 50 H4 bevelled 2.4lm/3.0lm
150 x 75 H4 Sleeper 2.4lm/3.0lm
150 x 100 H4 Sleeper 2.4lm/3.0lm
200 x 50 H4 Sleeper 2.4lm/3.6lm
200 x 50 H4 bevelled 2.4lm/3.6lm
200 x 75 H4 Sleeper 2.4lm/3.6lm
200 x 100 H4 Sleeper 2.4lm/3.6lm