Kiln Dried Pine Decking

Plantation grown Kiln Dried ACQ treated.

All timber decking stocked is what is commonly marketed as a “reeded reversible” decking pattern or profile. That means, one side of the decking is reeded (in other words has grooves machined in it) and the other side is plain or smooth in its finish.

It is a widely held misconception that the grooves provide a “non slip” surface for use in wet areas. This is not the case! In fact the reason decking has grooves machined in it is to reduce surface contact between the decking itself and the joist, thus preventing water from being held between the two surfaces and preventing premature decay. On this basis, we recommend you install your decking plain side up. However, ultimately, the choice is yours!

Treated Pine decking is available in 70mm width and 90mm widths, 22mm thick. Treated Pine decking is now treated with ACQ (alkaline copper and quaterny). Refer to technical info on this site for more information in accordance with legislation. With any timber decking you will need to anticipate shrinkage in your decking boards. Treated Pine decking is available in set lengths; please ask our sales staff for advice on available lengths.

Fixing your decking is very important. Many decks have been ruined through the use of inappropriate fixing materials and methods. The best way to fix your deck down is to use screws, followed closely by hand nailing it. When using either method, you should always pre drill your hole to approximately 75% of the diameter of the fixing that you intend to use. This will prevent splitting of your timber when installing. When you are selecting a fixing product, the best finish is stainless steel, followed by hot dipped galvanized products.

Note: When using treated Pine decking, definitely do not use aluminum fasteners or have any aluminum products in contact with the decking boards.

Do not use plain steel fixings as they will rust, both reducing the capacity of the fixing and staining your decking.

Do not use a nail gun unless it is specifically designed for use with approved timber deck fixing products as described above

Sizes (Reeded unless otherwise indicated)

70 x 22 H3 KD ACQ
90 x 22 H3 KD ACQ
90 x 22 H3 KD ACQ – Premium Grade
140 x 22 H3 KD ACQ
140 x 22 H3 KD ACQ – Premium Grade