Environment Sustainability


Our Environmental Policy

Tasman KB, an importer and wholesaler of timber products, is committed to the principles of ecologically sustainable development. TasmanKB prides itself on the purchase and distribution of ecologically sustainable timber products. For this reason, we expect our suppliers to show that they have sourced their wood and timber products from well-managed and legally operating forests.

Ideally, to prove this, we require our suppliers to provide independent certification of the source of the wood and the chain of custody from its source, through processing to Tasman KB. satisfactory forms of certification include FSC ® and PEFC ™ schemes. Suppliers who manage their forests and timber processing plants to the International Standard, ISO 14001 and who can prove the chain of custody to Tasman KB will also meet these requirements. Timber products that do not meet these standards of certification will continue to be purchased in the medium term, only if the supplier can show evidence that they have been sourced from well managed and legally operating forests.